Innovation  - We craft and embrace new ideas and solutions.  We build innovative and affordable green housing, plus retro-fit current units, to protect the environment, reduce energy costs, and create healthy communities.

Service - We delight in serving those in need, and others with whom we work, appreciating the diversity and differences in each person.  We deliver superior service to our residents, within a safe, secure and caring environment, to support their self-sufficiency and independence.

Collaboration - We work collaboratively with public and private enterprises, and stakeholders, for the benefit of low-income individuals and families in our community.  We collaborate with co-workers in managing differences constructively, to contribute to a quality workplace and highly productive organization.

Listening - We listen to understand and affirm others.  Through effective listening, we demonstrate compassion for others, seek remedies to resolve problems effectively, and establish working relationships which lead to exceptional results. It’s the way we show respect to those we serve, each other, and our partners and stakeholders.

Excellence - We pursue excellence in everything we do.  We work daily to enhance our personal skills and behavior.  We continuously improve our work processes, programs, and services to be and become a premier organization.

Accountability - We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions.  We act as good stewards of the financial, material, and environmental resources gifted to us.  We excel in meeting regulatory and job requirements, and the needs of those with whom we work.

Integrity - We speak openly, honestly, and truthfully to others in our communications, relationships, and transactions. We demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior daily, and do the right thing in every situation we find ourselves.