Contact Information:

General Information:

The ROSS program works with local service providers and organizations that provide Public Housing residents with information and referrals for low-cost or no-cost assistance.

How the program works:

A public housing resident can be referred to the program by the Public Housing manager during her annual recertification. The ROSS coordinator will assist the resident participant enroll in the program and identify their goals, and the ROSS Coordinator will then research and refer to resources in the community to help them work towards their goals.

 Do you need some support getting started on your goals? Contact the ROSS program! We will be happy to assist you!

 How to Get Started with the Ross Program:

Referral (you can refer yourself!) The ROSS Program Coordinator will call you and schedule an appointment, or you can call her.  Meet with a ROSS Coordinator for a 15-20 minute enrollment process.

A resident can be referred to the ROSS program by the apartment manager; the Senior Center director; or by active recruiting efforts of the ROSS coordinator.  The apartment manager fills out a referral to the ROSS program and it is taken down the hall to the ROSS program office. After discussing the referral, the ROSS Coordinator will call and schedule an appointment to meet with the resident. A neighbor or a satisfied ROSS participant can also refer you to the program, in which case you can call us and set up an appointment to meet with us.

 Any Public Housing resident can call any time to schedule an appointment to meet with a Ross Coordinator. The program is open to everyone in the Public Housing Program and enrollment in the program is completely voluntary.

 Once your appointment has been scheduled, meet with the ROSS Coordinator! We can meet with you at our office, at your unit, or at a public location that is convenient for you. During the first appointment we will take 5 or 10 minutes to explain how the program works. If you are interested in working with the ROSS program (for free!), we will take the next 10 minutes to fill out the program intake and then we will discuss what goals you are interested in working on first.